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Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), like all other public institutions of higher learning in Malaysia, has an array of short courses designed as part of its staff development program.  As part of UNIMAS's aspiration to be contemporary and forward looking, we put extra emphasis on ensuring quality university education by incorporating new approaches and utilizing state-of- the-art technologies in teaching and learning. This is in line with the requirements for all public universities in Malaysia to install quality assurance mechanisms iwithn their academic programmes.

One of the proactive steps taken by UNIMAS is to offer a Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (PGDip) programme - an internal staff development programme specifically designed for its newly hired academics and junior lecturers who have just returned from their graduate studies. The programme is designed as a professional development initiative to continuously retool and reskill young academics with knowledge and skills about Teaching at Higher Education, especially in the area of pedagogy and instructional technology.

In addition to the Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning, CALM also conducts various professional development programmes for UNIMAS academics. The Academic Development Unit is also tasked to coordinate short courses for academic staff, within and beyond campus, as a strategy to ensure all staff members have an opportunity to develop their competence and skills in teaching at the university within their fields of specialisation.

The objectives of the PGDip program are:

  1. to train UNIMAS academics in teaching and learning on a systematic and formal basis to enhance their personal competence as university educators;
  2. to establish a long term commitment toward teaching and learning that is consistent with UNIMAS teaching and learning policies; and
  3. to develop a culture of collaborative academic community that places special commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.
  4. The PGDip programme comprises of eight courses, all of which amounting to 32 credits. The curriculum is a combination of coursework and practicum. 

The courses in this programme are:

  1. Teaching and Learning at Higher Education
  2. Curriculum and Instructional Design
  3. Principles of Teaching and Learning
  4. Management of Teaching and Learning
  5. Student-Centred Learning
  6. Assessment of Learning
  7. Technology for Teaching and Learning
  8. Teaching Practice

A Programme Management Committee (PMC) is established to plan and monitor the academic curriculum, course delivery and quality assurance of the program. The PMC is chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), and its members consist of the management team at the Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia and selected professors and senior lecturers from all faculties. To ensure effective delivery of the program, highly qualified and experienced teaching staff are sourced from within and outside UNIMAS.

The programme adheres strictly to and meets all the requirements of the UNIMAS Postgraduate Study Rules and Regulations in which quality assurance elements are intrinsically instituted.

To date, UNIMAS is the only public institution of higher learning in Malaysia to offer such certification for academic staff, specifically to develop their competence and skills to teach as university educators.

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