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Allamanda College is the seventh residential college in UNIMAS, replacing Siantan College which has its operation ceased in 2005. The name Allamanda was chosen by the then Vice Chancellor who noticed the abundance of wild bloom yellow coloured and bell-shaped Allamanda flower (also know as Yellow Bell) in its construction site.

The college received its first residents in July 2005. During its early operation, the college only accept 2nd year students.


Like most of the residential colleges in UNIMAS, Allamanda was built on an apartment concept. It has 15 residential blocks: 5 blocks each for its three sub-colleges. Each college is painted according to its own theme colour i.e. red, yellow, and blue, respectively. Female students are placed in the red and yellow blocks, which ara able to manage a full occupancy of 1200 students. The blue block accommodate male students at a full occupancy of 600 students. However, beginning July 2006, two blue blocks were closed, thus reducing the tenancy for male students to 344.

The shutting of the blocks came as Allamanda College was chosen to accommodate International Students in UNIMAS. Renovations of the apartments interiors began in September 2006 and this International Blocks received its first guest in Novermber 2007 i.e. a student from Norway.

College Logo

http://www.hep.unimas.my/allamanda/images/stories/logoa.jpgThe college logo was a winning entry by Qabrinii Firdauz bin Yusop during the Logo Designing Competition in Mac 2006. The logo signifies the spirit of kinship and teamwork, under one roof, towards similar target. Roughly, one can make out three “individuals” in positions where two “individuals” (red and blue) are seen supporting one “individual” (yellow). 

 The ”body” of the ”yellow” individual that is shaped like an open book represents Allamanda College as a residential college for a knowledge centre i.e. UNIMAS. The thin round blue outline surrounding the three ”individuals” signifies a united front under one roof , while the thin horizontal yellow line signals that the three ”individuals” stands on the same vision. The combination of red, yellow and blue also represented the three blocks in Allamanda College: red for College A, yellow for Colege B, and blue for College C.

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