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Application & System in UNIMAS

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UNIMAS utilize and depends on ICT usage to increase productivities. Applicatios / System used in UNIMAS are :

  1. UNIMAS Portal
    Through UNIMAS portal, information can be transmitted effectively to the public universities, prospective students, alumni and external community. UNIMAS portal represented as an official website of the university to the public, hence, every information and reference material examined before being presented. It reflects the professional image of the university to the outside world .
    UNIMAS portal consists of the main page that can be accessed from the URL address www.unimas.my. It is developed and maintained by the Centre for Information & Communication Technology Services (CICTS) with Corporate Planning and Communications Division (Chancellory). 
  1. UNIMAS Streetview
    Short description of UNIMAS StreetView
  2. UNIMAS On The Go
    The official mobile application for UNIMAS.
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