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Bunga Raya College officially opened in July 2006. It provides accommodation to students in Year 1, and to the other students who generally qualified. College located in West Campus and in front of the main lake has 3 blocks (A, B, and C) with a capacity that can accommodate 1800 students.
Bunga Raya College is the concept of accommodation in apartments, each apartment contains 5 rooms (single - 2, double - 2, triple - 1), 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets. College also provides some basic facilities such as prayer rooms, café, seminar rooms, 24-hour study room, minimart and intercom system.

College Logo

http://www.fss.unimas.my/madahsamarahan/images/brc%20copy.pngThree primary colors used in the logo is synonymous with the colors used in the official logo as well as the national flag UNIMAS.
The strains on the flower pattern inspired by the softness of the Hibiscus petals symbolize greater integration among Bunga Raya College community.
The logo also symbolizes harmony and diversity of skills regardless of academic, co-curricular and so on Hibiscus College committee.

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