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The Centre for Language Studies (CLS) was established on 1st December 1993 and has been playing an important role in developing and enhancing the language proficiency of students at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. CLS offers a variety of Bahasa Melayu, English Language and third language courses. The Bahasa Melayu course we offer focuses on academic and workplace needs. In addition, we also offer beginner level courses to cater the needs of international students, staff and also the public. Our English language courses are aimed at improving the proficiency of students in order to enable them to cope with academic needs while at university and professional needs in the workplace, as well as to use English for aesthetic purposes. Besides these, we have been instrumental in introducing our students to other languages and cultures through the third language courses offered under the university elective programme. The third language courses we currently offer are Arabic, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Iban and Tamil.

On the research front, CLS has been involved in fundamental and applied research projects in selected fields that are relevant within and outside Malaysia. Our strengths are in sociolinguistics and literature, and our academics are also actively researching various aspects of language teaching and learning in order to bring about more perceptible language learning outcomes. CLS also renders its knowledge and skills in teaching and research to various sectors through professional consultancy services.


The mission of CLS is to be recognised as a centre of excellence in acquiring, sharing and applying knowledge and skills in language studies through scholarly activities, relevant research and student-centred pedagogy that is innovative in Malaysia and internationally.


The vision of the Centre for Language Studies is to be a centre of excellence for teaching and research in language studies in Malaysia and internationally.

 To achieve the mission, CLS abides the following objectives:

  • To develop language, linguistics, applied linguistics, literature and journalism programs at the graduate and postgraduate levels.
  • To pioneer and contribute to basic and applied research in the field of language studies.
  • To produce individuals who excel academically as well as in character.
  • To offer expertise and consultancy in niche areas of CLS.
  • To establish scholarship and generate new ideas in the teaching and research of language, linguistics,applied linguistics, literature and journalism.

Message from the Dean

http://www.cls.unimas.my/images/staff/norazuna.jpgThe centre, re-established in 2005 further complements the university’s vision in its endeavour to become a scholarly institution of choice for both students and academics through the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and scholarship. Bearing in mind the significance of learning languages both second and foreign in developing our students’ competence and competitiveness, the centre is progressive in its efforts to consolidate current courses offered, mainly the English, Malay and Third Language courses. These courses are designed for our students with an aim to improve current proficiency levels, learn new language(s) and develop knowledge and skills relevant to language development.

In informing innovative teaching and learning actives at the centre, research efforts have been stepped up and is significant in efforts to encourage scholarship among the academic staff. Various research activities have been undertaken and are on-going as showcased in our research section. We also welcome research collaborations and joint ventures from interested individuals and organisations in the fields of language, linguistics and literature.

Take some time to browse through our site and see what we have to offer you in terms of academic pursuits and research advancement. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Norazuna Norahim

Dean Centre for Language Studies

Centre Governance


Dean : Dr. Norazuna Norahim

Phone No : +6 082 581749

Email : nazuna@cls.unimas.my


Deputy Dean (Undergraduate & Student Affair) : Dr. Norazuna Norahim

Phone No : +6082-581752

Email : jcollin@cls.unimas.my


Deputy Dean (Postgraduate & Research) : Florence G. Kayad

Phone No : +6082 581748

Email : kflorence@cls.unimas.my


English Language Courses Coordinator : Ernisa Marzuki

Phone No : +6 082 581762

Email : mernisa@cls.unimas.my


Bahasa Melayu and Third Language Courses Coordinator : Ustaz Hj. Roslan Ali

Phone No : +6 082 581761

Email : aroslan@cls.unimas.my



Center for Language Studies offers a wide range of language courses for UNIMAS undergraduates, which include English, Bahasa Malaysia, as well as third languages. Browse through the following links for more details:


Consultancy and Services

Centre for Language Studies offers consultancy works in the field related to linguistics, language studies, and Borneo languages. Details can be obtained from Centre for Technology Transfer and Consultancy (CTTC).

The following services are also offered:

  • Proofreading
  • Translation
  • Copywriting
  • Language material development
  • Language skills seminars/workshops
  • Specialised language courses/training

Interested parties can directly contact Mr. Jayapragas Gnaniah at gjayapragas@cls.unimas.my

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