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About Us

The Centre for Technology Transfer and Consultancy (CTTC) is a unit established in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) on 23rd August 1993. Since its establishment, CTTC has acted as the implementer, facilitator, and manager for all consultancy works involving contract research, contract education/short programmes, and consultancy projects, amongst others.

Our clients range from personal local business enterprises to international multinational organisations. Altogether, CTTC has successfully completed more than 500 projects. CTTC was established as the main commercial arm of UNIMAS and is responsible for managing all of the University’s commercial activities in areas such as education, scientific and social analyses, clinical services and contract research. CTTC believes that every expertise in UNIMAS has its own role and potential in creating economic prosperity and in nation building. We are committed to develop our experts into industry thoroughbreds, who would then be able to impart essential skill sets, creativity, innovation, and competencies to our clients in order to assist them to be sustainable and competitive enterprises across the globe. 

CTTC has positioned itself as the gateway for industrial players to gain access to the UNIMAS pool of knowledge and expertise. The access comes in the forms of short courses to provide lifelong learning opportunities to the public, consultancy services provided by UNIMAS experts, contract research or education tailor-made to the request of our clients, and the licensing of our research products. CTTC is here to serve UNIMAS and our clients. Our passion lies with helping you grow and prosper, and we pride ourselves on it.

Foreword from the Director

http://www.cttc.unimas.my/images/prof%20lau%20pic%201.jpg It is with great pleasure I introduce CTTC and its vast range of expertise and services. I strongly believe that every university in Malaysia should contribute and play active roles in nation building, both economic and human development. UNIMAS is no exception. Hence CTTC was formed to provide the link between UNIMAS and the public and industrial sectors. This link is of utmost importance in ensuring the social responsibility of UNIMAS is fulfilled. Currently, we have more than 600 experts in various fields, including the fields of environmental impact assessments, engineering and manufacturing, technical advisory, research and product developments, medical, business plans, human resources, and socio-economics, to name a few. All these expertise and technical know-how are made available to all through the CTTC gateway. Clients/the public should be able to obtain all information on UNIMAS expertise and facilities at the one-stop counter at CTTC.

This is the least we can promise you. To date, CTTC has successfully completed more than 500 projects. Our extensive expertise coupled with our experience makes us the ideal choice for your consultancy needs. We aim to continue to provide quality services to our clients, and assist their businesses to grow sustainably. I strongly believe in our ability to deliver. We will be most happy to provide you with further information.

Help us to prosper you and our nation.

Prof. Dr. Lau Seng
Centre for Technology Transfer and Consultancy
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak


Transforming every UNIMAS expertise into economic commodities to prosper Malaysia.

Corporate Mission

CTTC is committed to provide quality services in:

  • Consultancy works by engaging high-calibre consultants;
  • Conducting professional short courses for life long learning;
  • Commercialising UNIMAS research product; and
  • Creating an ecosystem conducive for academia and industrial entrepreneurs to collaborate.


The Centre offers services available to the public with these objectives:

  • Encourage and strengthen direct staff participation in research and consultancy works in developing their professional experience as well as enhancing their teaching-learning capabilities in their specific areas of expertise;
  • Maximize the University’s involvement in the nation building through greater co-operation between the university and industries within its resources and means;
  • Optimize the utilizations of University facilities, academic staff and other resources through transfer of technology, Research and Development (R&D) and consultancy activities; and
  • Develop business opportunities for UNIMAS research products through its commercialisation unit.


UNIMAS has more than 600 highly qualified academic staffs in their various disciplines. CTTC is making this large pool of experts available for nation building and specifically to assist industries to grow and be competitive and sustainable. CTTC has successfully completed more than 500 projects

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning is defined as “all-purposeful learning activity, undertaken on an ongoing basis with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competence”. UNIMAS, being the premier institution of higher learning in Sarawak, is committed to provide lifelong learning opportunities to all. There should be no barriers for anyone who wishes to gain knowledge and improve one’s competencies.

Lifelong learning, at UNIMAS, is implemented through short courses, workshops and fieldworks.  We also developed tailor-made programmes for organisations. 

We truly believe that: “Lifelong learning will and is becoming increasingly important in the knowledge-based economy where knowledge and skills need to be continuously updated and upgraded” (Abdullah Badawi, 2002). At UNIMAS, we make lifelong learning our culture.

Contact Info

CTTC is located at this address:-

The Centre for Technology Transfer and Consultancy (CTTC)
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Kota Samarahan
Sarawak, Malaysia

Telephone: 6082 582 489
Fax: 6082 672 303
Email: enquiries@cttc.unimas.my

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