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he Department of Computational Science and Mathematics currently has 11 energetic academicians whose research field ranges from applied mathematics, bioinformatics, computing and operational research. The department is home to researchers and academicians who have wide interests in computer science, engineering and sciences. It is the aim of the department to enhance contacts between mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists at the university and research scientists in industry. The department’s main mission is to conduct research in collaboration with industry on topics motivated by industrial applications, and to provide assistance to industry.

The department also offers one major in the undergraduate program, which is the computational science major. The students in the computational science program will gain an understanding of science principally through the use and analysis of mathematical models on high-performance computers. It is the department’s hope to raise the profile of the mathematical sciences in the student population. The department is also responsible for the contents of relevant undergraduate courses: Discrete Mathematics, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Statistical Data Analysis, Computational Science Laboratory, Numerical Methods, Parallel Processing, Operational Research, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation.

The term computational science is currently well known as an inter-disciplinary field. It is a bridge connecting computing and mathematics technology with the sciences; but it is also a discipline of its own. The department priority areas lie on :

(1) mathematical modeling which includes modeling of fluid dynamics, modeling of epidemics and diseases and numerical studies,
(2) statistical modeling includes bioinformatics and data analysis,
(3) combinatorial optimisation.

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