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Department of Computing and Software Engineering (CSE) is one of the four research-based departments in the faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT), UNIMAS. The CSE department is offering a fruitful and stimulating research environment, advancing fundamental discoveries in various niche areas including multimedia technologies, image processing, geographic information system, intelligent systems, formal methods, object technologies, agent-oriented modeling, software testing, and software engineering.

The CSE department provides a home for the academic staffs as well as students in which their professional development can be enhanced by appropriate programme organization, and professional and collegial mentoring. As a result, staffs in the CSE department have been actively participating in both national and international levels research projects, consultations and industrial collaborations in their area of expertise.

The CSE department also supports the faculty in preparing and delivering contemporary teaching materials and experiences, as well as supervising final year project for two undergraduate programmes:

Software Engineering (SE) programme and Multimedia Computing (MC) programme.

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