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Department of Accounting and Finance

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Finance Programme

The program is aimed at producing professionals with analytical thinking, ability to work in groups and always wanted to compete at the international level in the field of finance and business. The courses will provide an understanding of the theory and practice of finance and business in which attention is given to the related theories and systems of financial instruments, the financial system operations, restructuring and corporate control, sources of financing, competition, strategic management and investment mechanism in the nationally and internationally. Furthermore, this program will equip students with an understanding of the operations of the international financial institutions, international agreements, conduct business and corporations including transnational corporations and multinationals.


Administrative Office

Department of Accounting and Finance

Phone No : +6-082-581 000

prof abu.jpg

Head of Department : Prof. Dr. Abu Hassan Md Isa

Phone No : +6-082-581 000 (ext: 4491)

Email : miahassan@feb.unimas.my


Finance Program Coordinator : Encik Shaharudin B. Jakfar

Phone No : +6-082-581 000 (ext : 4270)

Email : jsaharudin@feb.unimas.my

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