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Department of Business Management

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The Department of Business Management has just been established in December 2010.

Academic Programme

At present, we offer the following academic programmes:

  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Marketing)

        Majoring in marketing is a program offered to give students a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts of marketing and its role in managing the operations of an organization. Comprehensive basic marketing skills will be tested and applied through case studies and interactive assignments others to assess student understanding. Use techniques and information technology in the field of qualitative and quantitative are encouraged to help graduates make the decision. Preparation courses such as the promotion of skills in marketing, distribution channels, sales, sales management etc will be the main focus.

  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Corporate Management)


Administrative Office

Department of Business Management

Phone No : +6-082-581 000

dr jamal.jpg

Head of Department : Dr Jamal Abdul Nassir Shaari

Phone No : +6-082-581 000

Email : sjamal@feb.unimas.my

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