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About Us

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’s Department of Counselling, founded in 1999 by Mr. Mohd Razali Othman and his team, prepares highly qualified Bachelor of Counselling (Hons.) Counselling-level counsellors eligible for licensure as registered and professional counsellors in most organisations.  The training provides in this department uniquely prepares undergraduates to work with individuals in various settings such as at organisations or school settings, by developing a core set of competencies in all students with specialisations in organisational counselling, family counselling, mental health counselling and rehabilitation counselling.

Students are our main stakeholders and we believe knowledge sharing and expertise are crucial in developing qualified counselling students beyond the standard.  Besides teaching and learning, we encourage our students to be involved in running community services. 

Programme of Studies

The programme of study is broadly designed to include formal classes and extensive supervised practicum and internship experiences leading to postgraduate programmes.  The curriculum includes courses from the departments of Counselling; Cognitive Science; Human Resource and Language.  Elective courses are also available through other faculty in the university.  Counselling programme is open to individuals who want to pursue their study in helping environment. 

In addition to the teaching faculty, a large number of outstanding professionals around Malaysia, participate in the training programs. Internship sites are available on and off campus. They include public and private agencies serving counselling to their employees such as community-based counselling centres and mental health agencies.  

Full programme accreditation continues to be a priority with the Department of Counselling. As a result, graduates of the counselling programme have the opportunity to become fully certified and licensed in their fields after graduation.  The BSc (Hons.) in Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development is fully accredited by the Malaysian Counsellor Board (Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia).  The degree programmed earned full Malaysian Counsellor Board accreditation on its first application in 2001 and, to this day, continues full accreditation status. 

What will I study?
Our degree provides for not just professional, skill-based capabilities, but also an understanding of the diversity of counselling area includes organisational counselling, family counselling, rehabilitation counselling and mental health counselling. Not forgetting our programme exposes our students in developing their own counselling system with the intention of preparing students in information processing systems and how they find applications in everyday life. The department is served by a group of highly certified, qualified and dedicated academic staffs.

What sort of career would I have?
Knowledge and professional skills in our counselling programme could be important in a wide range of careers in contemporary and innovative world; such as counsellor, school counsellor, social services officer, administrative officer, welfare officer, human resource officer and counselling service consultation as well as work in information and communication technologies (ICT).

The department is equipped with facilities that enhance teaching and learning as well as training counselling skills at our Individual and Group Counselling Laboratory with the latest technology such as biofeedback application, psychophysiology and current psychological measures. 

In academic year of session 2008/2009, there were 29 counselling students received their Dean’s Award.

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