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Department of Economics

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The International of Economy & Industry

Synopsis International Economics Program

Specialization in International Economics aims to produce professionals who have the desire to ever compete paradigm in international economics and business. The focus is on evaluating the impact and contribution of business / trade on the economy and business environment in Malaysia and vice versa. Students will be exposed and equipped with the knowledge and skills of economics and international business, management methods and use of technology applications. The courses available will increase students' understanding of the theory and practice of business and trade that emphasizes topics such as pricing, regulation, competition, financial and investment rules, the behavior of businesses and corporations, including multinational and transnational corporations.

Synopsis Industrial Economics Program

Specialization in Industrial Economics aims to produce graduates who are knowledgeable and competent professionals in the industrial economy. Emphasis includes aspects such as the activities of the organization, development, economics, management and policies involving various industries. Graduates will be equipped with the skills and abilities to enable them to identify analyze the economic environment in accordance with entrepreneurial operations. The courses offered will provide exposure to the industrial policies, the role of government, market structure, firm behavior changes in the domestic and international levels, labor market analysis, investment and technology flows.


Administrative Office

Department of Economics

Phone No : +6-082-581 000

http://www.feb.unimas.my/images/stories/pch2.jpgHead of Department : Associate Prof. Dr Puah Chin Hong

Phone No : +6-082-581 000

Email : chpuah@feb.unimas.my

zaimah.jpgIndustrial Economics Program Coordinator : Cik Nur Zaimah Ubaidillah

Phone No : +6-082-581 000 (ext : 4421)

Email : unzaimah@feb.unimas.my

http://www.feb.unimas.my/images/stories/dr%20afendy.jpgInternational Economics Program Coordinator : Dr. Mohammad Affendy Arip

Phone No : +6-082-581 000 (ext : 4430)

Email : amaffendy@feb.unimas.my

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