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Department of Human Resource Development

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About Us

Organisations and industries require high efficiency and adaptability in facing the waves of change and complex global challenges.  Hence, the need for skilled, competent, proactive and responsive human resource is critical.

The HRD Department offers multi-disciplinary courses which focus on the development of human capital which prioritize on increasing capabilities of the mind and the development of positive behaviors for individuals, groups and organizations. This serves to assist students to acquire indepth knowledge, skills and abilities in order to optimize human resource productivity.

The department promises a difference in handling the 120-credit hours course offered.  The cognitive science aspect in its curriculum provides an advantage to the HRD programme as it brings into perspective the workings of the human mind, particularly in understanding how to work and manage human capital. It encompasses aspects like thinking, planning and decision making – all of which are crucial to a HR practitioner. Our HRD niche area covers training and development, organizational development, career development and HR practices.

The strength of the programme is on guiding students to analyse and synthesise different human behaviors, thinking styles and human interactions in an organisation.  In addition, students are exposed to real world working environment through industrial training/attachments, industrial visits and special sessions where notable HR practitioners are invited to meet and present contemporary work issues with students.

Graduates from the programme are eligible to work as HR managers/executives, personnel executives, training and development executives and related areas in management and development of human resource in the government or private sectors.

Programme of Studies

Bachelor of Science (with honours) Human Resource Development

Why Human Resource Development @ UNIMAS?
This program is designed to produce human resource professionals who can assist organizations transform its human capital in realizing its policies and strategies. It is also aimed at producing innovative and adaptive human resource professionals in maximizing the effectiveness of human potentials in an organization. This program is a 3 years bachelors’ degree program whereby students are required to fulfil 120 credit hours.

What will I study?
Students are exposed to various disciplines including the aspect of cognition and use of technology to assist in improving human potentials in an organization. Besides, students will be exposed to real working environment through their industrial training and visit.

What career benefits would I have?
Students graduate with sophisticated knowledge of: HRD, HRM, current issues facing HR practitioners; research skills adaptable to a wide range of professional careers and contexts; & the ability to think critically, exercise independent judgment and evaluate complex information and ideas.

What employment prospects would I have?
Students graduate with the following initial career options: Training Officer/Executive; Trainer; Course Developer; HR Executive; Personnel Officer; Administrative Officer; Learning Coordinator; Consultant; Organizational Development Analyst.

Our students had attained several achievements in term of recognition and awards in several occasions such as during UNIMAS convocation. 

Our success story in term of graduate employability is quite remarkable. Our graduates hold position in SHELL, TM, 1st Silicon of Sarawak, and several others establish organizational in Malaysia.

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