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Department of Plant Science and Environmental Ecology

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The tropical rain forest of Malaysia is home to myriad species of flora, some which are found only in this region. This heritage is a resource with great economic potential, one which needs to be preserved and sustained for future utilisation. A sound strategy coupled with capable human resources is needed to realise the nation's objective of maintaining at least 30% of our land area as permanent forests; as Malaysia is also focussing on the agricultural and plantation sectors as one of the strategies to diversify our economic resources. 

The Science and Management of Plant Resource programme offered by Department of Plant Science and Environmental Ecology under Faculty of Resource Science & Technology (FRST) aims at providing students with the intellectual expertise and practical abilities to identify problems and provide solutions to issues related to the management, exploitation and protection of our plant resources. Graduates will also be able to act as catalysts in raising public awareness to environmental issues and their importance towards the nation's socio-economic development.

What will you learn

  • Ethnobotany
  • Forest Science & Management
  • Plant Propagation & Nursery Technique
  • Principal of Pest Management
  • Plantation Siviculture
  • Post Harvest Handling Technology
  • Plantation Crop Management
  • Plant Chemotaxonomy
  • Plant Utilisation & Legislation
  • Soil Fertility & Management

Department Organization

Head of Department:  Prof Dr Cheksum@Supiah Tawan
Programme Coordinator:  Dr Rebicca Edward @ May

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