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The Digital Publication Unit is one of the four supporting units in the Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia (CALM). The core publication of the unit  is the Insight Bulletin. The publication of this bulletin was initiated in 2003 with the aim to provide a platform to UNIMAS staff to express their ideas, experiences and conceptual thoughts concerning higher education, particularly in the context of teaching and learning in UNIMAS.

To date, the unit had produced 16 volumes of the bulletin. The theme of the upcoming volume is ''Student-centred Learning''. All UNIMAS staff members are invited to contribute articles, reviews, events and news on the teching-learning issues related to this theme. All contributions can submitted to:

Digital Publication Unit,
Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia (CALM),
Level 2, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology,
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS),
94300 Kota Samarahan.

or send via email to Madam Ng Juet Eng at

The past issues of the Insight Bulletin can also be obtained through the Resources link.

The Unit also plays a significant role in producing the website of the centre as well as producing various digital and printed materials that are needed by all other units of the centre.

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