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Direct Bachelor to PhD

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The direct-path PhD programme approved by the university’s Senate in 2011 gives highly-qualified bachelor’s degree students the opportunity to move rapidly into research activities with an award of a PhD degree upon completion. Applicants who hold a honor's bachelor's degree with First Class / First Class Honours (CGPA above 3.70) and who have demonstrated advanced research ability may be granted direct admission to a doctoral degree programme.

Admission and degree requirements are listed below:-

  • An honour's bachelor's degree with First Class / First Class Honours (CGPA above 3.70);
  • Without any disciplinary record(s); and
  • Registered as a full-time student by research mode.

Admission is through the normal admission procedure. The applicant fills in and submits the web-based form (available at https://cgsweb.unimas.my/OnlineApp/) and mail to us the required supporting documents. Upon receipt of your application, the Centre for Graduate Studies will forward your application to the relevant faculty. The faculty will then scrutinizes your application, decide on your application and assign a suitable supervisor or panel of supervisors for postgraduate studies by research applicants. Your application is returned to the Centre of Graduate Studies who will officially inform you of the outcome of your application. Students are encouraged to apply for the MyPhD Scholarship and details are available at https://payloan.mohe.gov.my/MyBrain15/index_myphd.php.

Students accepted in this direct-path PhD programme will be required to present their proposal to the Faculty Graduate Committee for evaluation within 12 months from the date of their registration.

Students in this programme are expected to maintain good academic standing and demonstrate superior research perfomance and their progress will be closely monitored. Students admitted to the programme that do not complete the PhD degree requirements will be allowed, upon completion of normal departmental requirements, to receive a Masters degree.

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