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The Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts (FACA) was established in 1994 based on the university’s mission of becoming an internationally recognized institution of higher learning and the main choice among students and academicians via excellence in teaching, research and scholarship. In order to fulfill this mission FACA recognises the importance of technology and management skills in exploring creativity, through programs such as Fine Arts, Design Technology, Arts Management, Music and Cinematography towards the degree of Bachelor of Applied and Creative Arts.The faculty aims to produce graduates who can promote professional artistic growth in a dynamic and diverse work environment. Towards equipping students with fundamental skills and discipline to create and to explore creative ideas, it is the faculty’s objective to integrate the use of technology to enhance curriculum integration based on the concept of amalgamated education and cross disciplines.


The faculty's vision is to become an art institution that is dynamic, innovative and global.


The faculty strives to spearhead and lead the consolidation of the areas resulting from the development of technology in teaching, research and creative and innovative production. The faculty is sensitive to cultural values as a catalyst for the challenges of globalization.

Message from the Dean

The Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts was founded as part of the UNIMAS mission to establish itself as an exemplary university of internationally acknowledged stature, and as a scholarly institution of preference and choice for both students and academic staff through the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and scholarship. In keeping with the UNIMAS mission, the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts recognizes the importance of techwnology and management skills and andeavors to make these integral to its programs and offerings, thus better equipping the students to function succesfully in today's world.

At present the Faculty offers programs in Fine Arts, Design Technology, Arts Management, Performing Arts, leading to a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Honours).

Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts aims is to produce professional artists able to thrive in today's complex and ever-changing work environment. In addition to providing students with the basic disciplinary skills necessary to create art and to explore creative ideas, it is the faculty's expressed objective to combine these with the new technologies in order to provide the impetus for a truly integrated curriculum based on collaboration and cross-disciplinary education.

Prof. Madya Dr. Hasnizam Abdul Wahid
Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Organization Chart





Teaching and Learning Facilities

Teaching and learning facilities consist of studio and workshop furnished with equipment for fine art, painting and drawing, photography, ceramic, textile and fashion, graphic design, industrial design, animation design; video and film recording studio; music recording and MIDI studio; experiment theatre with 500 seats and an exhibition gallery. The computer labs facilities include multimedia labs, post-production, electronic art, animation, graphic design, CAD, video and film, and MIDI.



Faculty Address

Faculty of Applied & Creative Art (F.A.C.A.)

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

94300 Kota Samarahan Sarawak Malaysia

Tel: 6082-5813388 Fax: 6082-581340



Art Management Programme

The Art Management programme provides the combination of management core subject which was specially constructed that covers all scope of arts including art policy, basic accounting, art law, marketing and organization management. Also, the programme provides various theoretical and practical subjects needed to broaden the understanding on the art industry in Malaysia. Upon completion of the course, student will able to understand, assess and contributes toward the development, assessment and implementation of art policy in Malaysia and internationally. Also to create views and appreciation between art and culture.


Cinematography Programme

The cinematography programme focuses on the use of film meaning through visual strorytelling. This includes careful emphasis and study of the interplay between moving visuals, shapes, colours, compositions, framing and sounds to certain concepts, emotions and atmosphere. Students are also trained in the various technical of cinematography which includes photography. Lighting and camerawork. Students are immersed in a broad range of filmmaking skills, including producing, directing, cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, screenwriting, production design and acting. Throughout their undergraduate years, the student will produce a variety of video, television and documentary projects.


Design Technology Programme

The rapid development in industries, revolution of information technology as well as the emergence of the K-Economy has brought great impact onto the role of design technology in Malaysia. The academic curriculum of the Design Technology program is based on the integration of arts, science, technology and management in order to fulfill the current industrial market and global creative needs.The Design Technology program in the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts is divided into 4 specializes area of interests such as animation design, graphic design, industrial design and textile and fashion design. The animation design modules exposes the students to the world of 2D and 3D animation. The graphic design emphasizes the knowledge in advertising, multimedia, corporate identity and packaging design. As for industrial design, the students will be exposed to furniture design, product design as well as transportation design. The textile and fashion modules exposes the students with pattern design in textile, fashion design and the theories of science and technology in textile field. The graduates of design technology program will be able to compete in the design technology industry especially those that involve research and development (R&D).

•    Graphic Design
•    Industrial Design
•    Textile and Fashion Design
•    Animation


Drama and Theater Programme

The Drama and Theater Program is one of the programs that are offered at the Department of Performing Arts and Production Technology, Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts. The vision of this program is to strive towards a teaching, learning and research center for Drama and Theatre studies in Borneo that focuses on local performing arts. The local performing arts culture is introduced through teaching and learning of its various undergraduate courses, research, publication and community engagement. The focus of this program is experimental theatre that embeds strong roots of local culture and technology.

The Drama and Theatre program emphasizes theoretical and practical performing arts knowledge integrated with technology to produce sensitive, critical, creative and confident graduates in the performing arts, specifically in theatre, whom are able to offer ideas and produce creative works. This holistic learning approach fosters understanding, exploration, analysis of form and structure, management, creative process and production of drama and theatre. Among courses that are offered in this program are stage design, acting, directing, design for directors, scenography, theatre management, stage management, theatre production, Malaysian modern theatre, introduction to mise-en-scene, and dramatic theory and criticism. These courses are designed to empower students with strong professional values, and critical and analytical mind in the field of drama and theatre.

The marketability of Drama and Theatre Program graduates are substantial and are not confined to Borneo, specifically Sarawak. Graduates of this program are able to delve into the professional work force as scenographer, artistic director, actor, director, prop master, technical designer, audio designer, stage manager, event coodinator, lighting designer, production manager, event manager, cultural marketing officer, producer, academic officer at schools or higher learning institutions, and cultural & arts officer.


Fine Art Programme

The Fine Arts programme emphasizes on 5 main disciplines namely painting, printing, 3-Dimesional sculpture, photography and electronic art. The course curriculum was design to be multi-disciplinary and contemporary. The integration provides choices to students to generate creativity and innovation through Fine Arts domain. The educational approach of the program gives emphasis on the theoretical and practical aspect for the purpose of education and research. The theoretical aspect covers the studies on media research, history, appreciation, interpretation, and aesthetic and art criticism. The practical aspect focuses on the exploration of new media and technology, mastery of medium and application of relevant techniques in the studios and field-work. Both theory and practical aspects comes with management elements, which will produce students’ generation in fulfilling the demand factor that are competent and progressive.

•    Painting
•    Printing
•    3-Dimesional sculpture
•    Photography
•    Electronic art


Music Programme

The music programme prepares students to be at par with the professionals in both the public and private sectors. The application of technology in the field of Music opens up new possibilities. Our program stresses on both theory and practice. We also prepare our students with various skills, from production technology to the art of performing music. Students in this programme will be trained through our latest state-of-the art facilities, and will prepare our graduates for professional careers in the industry .

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