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The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) was established on the 1st January 1996, in line with the vision, mission and educational goals of UNIMAS. FEB education vision emphasizes general towards regional economics, business and entrepreneurship scholarship.

Message from the Dean

http://www.feb.unimas.my/images/stories/dr%20afendy.jpgThe faculty members are known for their commitment to teaching and practical research. Our academic peers build on their research and elect them to editorial boards. Practicing managers seek them out as consultants and use their concepts to build and lead successful businesses. FEB graduates are leaders in global services firms, major corporations, and dynamic new ventures. Leading corporations actively recruit our graduates. Corporate leaders participate in our executive education programs and collaborate with our research centers.

Thanks to its people, facilities, and setting in the midst of the natural beauty of Sarawak, FEB  is a place with endless opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. Relationships—with peers, influential alumni, the business world, and other academic institutions—are at the core of the Faculty’s experience. Our vibrant learning community helps build and maintain these connections.

Our tight-knit alumni network is a major reason for FEB continuing success. FEB alumni help in the admissions process and give insight into companies and industries. They advise student project teams, participate in class sessions as visiting executives, and help launch graduates into their careers. Alumni also provide faculty with ideas for research projects, access to research data and contacts, consulting relationships, and a reality check for new theories and concepts.

With the right people and programs in the right place, FEB is creating a new standard in business education. We encourage you to explore the distinctive learning communities to see what set us apart. 

Dr Mohamad Affendy Arif
Dean Faculty of Economics & Business


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