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Faculty of Engineering (FENG)

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The Faculty of Engineering is one of eight faculties in UNIMAS. It was formed on 30th December 1993. The faculty started off with only two engineering programmes namely Civil Engineering and Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering with the first intake in July 1994. The Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing System Programme was introduced in 1996 and the Electronics and Computer Engineering Programme was introduced in May 2000 in order to fulfill the need and broaden the range of opportunities in the world of engineering.


To excel in providing quality engineering programmes through a dynamic and innovative education system, specialising in its niche research areas for the benefits of the nation.


To provide innovative and systematic engineering education and produce ethical engineers with good technical and interpersonal skills  through dedication and commitment of faculty members renowned in their respective niche areas with excellent networking and thus addressing the inspirations of stakeholders.

Message from the Dean

http://www.feng.unimas.my/images/stories/Staff_pic/lce_wanhashimwanibrahim1.jpgThe Faculty of Engineering was formed on 30th December 1993. It is among the eight faculties available in UNIMAS. Currently, there are five programmes offered by the Faculty of Engineering: Civil Engineering, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and Chemical Engineering.  All of these programmes are designed and offered for the graduates to be able to fulfill the challenges demanded by the job markets. All of the programmes offered by UNIMAS are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC).

All of the programmes are continuously enhanced and updated in order to ensure the objectives of all of the programmes are being achieved. Our recent move to our new campus in Kota Samarahan will definitely enhance the teaching-learning and research experiences of our academic staff. Our faculty also welcomes the cooperation with industries through our university-industry link. The collaboration can be enhanced through the different expertise and experiences of our faculty members.

I encouraged you to visit often to our web site and learn more about our faculty. The Faculty of Engineering welcomes you to UNIMAS.

Professor Dr Wan Hashim Wan Ibrahim

Dean Faculty of Engineering

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