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Information Security Management System (ISMS)

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Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a set of policies concerned with information security management and ICT related risks.

The objective of ISMS is to ensure that data, information, records and all ICT assets are protected and safe. In addition, this implementation will ensure smooth business continuity during any system failure or damage.

In UNIMAS, the management of the UNIMAS Data Centre; inclusive of equipment, system software, database and operating systems for the university's critical applications are covered under ISMS.

The main activities of ISMS are as follows ;
i ) To identify the scope of ISMS

ii ) To identify the ICT assets covered under the scope

iii ) To determine the Asset Value

iv ) To set Method of Risk Assessment

v ) To set Risk Treatment Plan

vi ) To provide Business Continuity Plan

vii ) To monitor and review

UNIMAS started implemented ISMS after it was officially launched during the mandate of the Vice-Chancellor on February 15, 2012 .

Initially, MAMPU provided consultation on the project which was coordinated by the Ministry of Education(formerly the Ministry of Higher Education). At a later stage, a team and several task force were formed which consists of UNIMAS's internal staff

To measure the effectiveness of ISMS implementation, several internal and external audit activities have been carried out . The internal auditor team  consisted of IT officers from CICTS while the external auditor came from the SIRIM Berhad . 

UNIMAS  was certified Information Security Management System(ISMS) which fulfills the requirement of ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and MS ISO/IEC 27001:2007 standards on 27 September 2013 . The certification has been recommended by SIRIM Berhad upon completion of SIRIM Audit stage 2.

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