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Nowadays enterprises are moving to a higher level of automation and are highly dependent on information provided by computer-based system. These complex systems will become an exceedingly important strategic asset of the organization. The study of Information System, therefore, is concerned with the development of systems that will get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Drawing on the department’s strength in multidisciplinary research that involves knowledge technology and human centered computing, this programme’s four (4) year structure is designed for students who wish to be competent in deciding how technology are utilize to support organizational/business objectives or to create new opportunities, determine the supporting process and data, implementing computer-based systems and also developing new and innovative products.

All courses consist of extensive theoretical and practical studies will require the use of a wide variety of system development tools. This is in line with the department’s research focus, which is to create, disseminate, and apply knowledge at the intersection of human systems and information technology. With organizations, people, processes and technical aspects in system development as its focal point, students will be equipped with basic organizational theory, decision-making, project management and system development skills, which are parallel with the latest information technology system.

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