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To cultivate staff to always challenge them selves on trying something new and leave their "comfort zone" for improvement.


  1. InoSan is currently opened for CITDS's staff members and staff of F scheme in the PTjs.
  2. Each division of CITDS shall nominate at least one (1) entry.
  3. Entries must be prior approved by the Head of Division.
  4. The outcome of the innovation should showed some improvement in the work processes, increase  CITDS's customer satisfaction, productivity or efficiency.
  5. Innovation which was previously won in any competition including InoSan is still eligible to compete but evidence of improvement from the previous version must be revealed.


There in NO report required. The presentation is based on poster presentation ONLY.  

(A) Participation is open to all staff and staff in CITDS F in the CoR. (B) The Part CITDS shall nominate at least one (1) entry. (C) the proposed innovations should be first adopted in the current year. (D) Entries must be supported by the Head of Division. (E) the resulting innovation should benefit in terms of improved work processes, increase productivity, efficiency or customer satisfaction CITDS. (F) Innovation has ever won in any competition including Inos had not previously qualified to compete. NO FORMAT / PRESENTATION Reports can be provided briefly to explain the innovation and its impact can convince a jury. 1 copy (hard copy) and 1 copy (soft copy-pdf format) should be sent to the participation report.

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