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Intelligent Mining and Decision Support System (InMinds)

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InMinds is a Business Intelligence tool for executive management in UNIMAS to make strategic and decisive decisions. InMinds which was first developed by CICTS and SQC (as the system owner) in 2009, is a "one stop" collection system for the various streams of information needed in making educated decisions. 

InMinds main data streams are sourced from more than fifteen(15) databases and spreadsheet from various platforms (Oracle, MySql, IBM Notes, Microsoft Excel). InMinds was designed to incorporate as much information as possible, and to tabulate data into visual representation that would be easily understood by management. Available through single login via UNIMAS Portal, InMinds currently grants access to the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Deans, Deputy Deans, Directors, Head of Departments and Managers.

InMinds built on top of a locally developed software-Speedminer and was further customised to meet the needs of UNIMAS's management, and it is now at par with big name Business Intelligence tools. 

The impact of InMinds is significant onto the decision making process, brought forward the importance of having good first-hand information stored in central repositories and improved the reporting capabilities of UNIMAS to various other agencies such as Ministry of Education, the university's senate committee and various working committee.

InMinds won the Anugerah Inovasi Naib Canselor (AINC) award during the Majlis Anugerah Gemilang UNIMAS (MAGU) on the 18th September 2013. 

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