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Intensive Language Programme (For International students)

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Intensive Language Programme is offered to international students with a conditional offer for undergraduate programmes at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak but do not meet the required English Language proficiency level (e.g. IELTS or TOEFL certificates). Postgraduate students who intend to improve their proficiency in English and at the same time learn basic Malay language (for daily use) are also welcome to apply.

The Intensive Language Programme (ILP) consists of two courses, which are Intensive English and Preparatory Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language, which is the national language in Malaysia).  The duration of the programme is 24 weeks (or approximately 6 months). The fee for the programme at present is MYR 3000 (or approximately 1000 US Dollars)*.

*Beginning March 2012. 


Intake 1 - 2012 - Begins on 5 March 2012 

Intake 2 - 2012 - Begins on 27 August 2012

PBI 0040 Intensive English

Coordinator: Ms. Feona Albert 

The aim of this intensive English language course is twofold - to improve students’ communicative skills for social purposes and to develop their ability to read and write for academic purposes. The first part of the course focuses on listening and speaking skills. Students will be exposed to a variety of meaningful everyday situations. The emphasis is on the appropriate and accurate forms and functions of English language used for various situations. The second part of the course covers skills and techniques related to reading and writing in academic contexts. Students are guided to read and write academic texts using the genre based approach.

Contact hours: 15 hours per week

PBM 0012 Preparatory Bahasa Malaysia

Coordinator: Dr. Roslan Ali
This preparatory bahasa Malaysia course focuses on basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It also covers the basic vocabulary, grammar and comprehension skills.  The course combines these skills to enable students to use the language for everyday communication purposes.  In addition, the course also exposes students to the socio-cultural aspects of the language and the Malaysian society.

Contact hours: 2 hours per week

Interested students are advised to contact International Affairs Division of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak for more details regarding the application process.

Note: Centre for Language Studies is not responsible for the VISA of Foreign Students. Issues pertaining to this matter is handled by International Affairs Division.

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