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Islamic Center also known as Pusat Islam is a mosque and Islamic cultural center in UNIMAS. It plays a major role in the guidance of the Muslim community, teaching both the young and older generations as well as producing a venue for Muslims to meet one another on religious occasions.


Islamic Center has been open for public use on 15 May 2013. The Islamic Center has been hosting daily and Friday prayer since then.


Islamic Center has been built with a lot facilities such as :

  • A massive 30-saff Prayer Hall with capacity approximately 1430 jamaah
  • 2 large corridors which could be converted as prayer areas with capacity of approximately 2000 jamaah.
  • Seminar hall
  • Lecture Hall
  • Multimedia Room
  • 2 Reading Tutorial Rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Body Wash Room
  • Body Shroud Room
  • 2 Ablution Rooms
  • Ramp for the disabled
  • General Office
  • Playground
  • Nursery (Expected to open in October 2013)


Islamic Center staff :

  • Ustaz Yazid bin Samsuddin
  • Wan Rushdan bin Wan Hamdan
  • Masri bin Assan
  • Mohd Ulfalusi bin Abdullah

Visiting a Mosque

  • Remove Your Hat and Shoes: Hats and sunglasses should always be removed before you actually enter a mosque. Leave your shoes on the rack at the entrance. Some mosques will provide plastic covers for your feet.
  • Be Respectful: Avoid making loud noises or engaging in unnecessary conversation inside of mosques. Turn off mobile phones, don't chew gum, and do not bring food or drinks inside of a mosque.
  • Do Not Point Feet: While sitting, avoid pointing your feet in the direction of the Qibla - the primary wall inside the mosque indicating the direction of Mecca.
  • Dress Appropriately: Modest dress is required. Men and women should both cover as much skin as possible; women are required to cover their heads.

Clothing for Visiting a Mosque

Perhaps the most important rule of etiquette often ignored by visitors, both men and women are expected to be dressed appropriately that portray modesty before visiting a mosque. Modest dress is the rule of thumb; shirts advertising rock bands and inappropriate messages better be avoided. 

Women: Women should have all skin covered; ankle-length skirts or pants are required. Sleeves should reach to each wrist and the hair should be covered by a headscarf. Pants or skirts that are too revealing, clingy, or tight should not be worn.

Men: Men should wear long pants and plain shirts without messages or slogans when visiting mosques. Short-sleeved shirts are acceptable as long as the sleeves are not shorter than average. If in doubt, wear long sleeves.

Entering a Mosque

Men and women use separate entrances to enter a mosque - look for signs. The typical greeting in Arabic for those entering mosques is "Assalam Allaikum" which means "peace be upon you". The correct return is "Wa alaikum-as-salam" which means "peace be upon you too". Visitors are obviously not expected to return the greeting, but doing so shows great respect.

It is a Muslim custom to enter a mosque with the right foot first and then exit with the left foot first. Members of the opposite sex should never offer to shake hands upon greeting.

Prayer Times

Followers of Islam are expected to pray five times each day, the position of the sun determines the times; prayer times differ between regions and seasons. In general, visitors should avoid visiting a mosque during prayer times. If present during the prayers, visitors should sit quietly at the back wall without taking photos.

Photography Inside of Mosques

Photography is permitted inside of mosques, however you should never take pictures during prayer times or of worshipers performing ablutions before the prayer.

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