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Kasturi College is located next to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences , about half a mile from the Sarawak General Hospital . This college is known as the College of Medicine College of Lot 77 as it is located at Lot 77 , Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce , Kuching . The first intake of students at the College of Medicine in July , 2002.

It is apartment-style design and a capacity of 200 students . The building has a block has five floors where the ground floor is used for office space colleges , prayer , fellowship house , gym , home visitors and main meeting room. Next level used for student dorms . Internet facility is also provided to the students.

In July 2008, the Medical College has been given a new residential college known as Sebayor College in UNIMAS building Holdings . Second college is able to accommodate 73 students . In addition, the Medical College has a placement in Serian also known as the College of Serian and a capacity of 30 students .

Student in Year 3 will undergo a clinical posting in Sibu Hospital . Throughout the course of the year they will be placed in the building ILF . Placement facility can accommodate 80 students equipped with prayer rooms, lounge , central source of information and Internet access telephone . In addition to the above placement facility , the Medical College has also been renting several houses around Kuching and Sibu to overcome the shortage of student hostels .

All of the above infrastructure is managed by the FMHS assisted by administration of Kasturi College . Kasturi College of Administration , headed by a principal . For the welfare of the principal of the college student is assisted by two fellows , two assistant managers and six dormitories support staff. Until now , facilities and placement provided by the Kasturi College is very limited . Therefore, students who are active in college activities given priority placement . In addition, students who have specific problems are also given due consideration to place in college dorms .

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