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Advanced Technology Unit (OpSO) is a unit under  Strategic Management & Innovation Division in Centre for Information Technology Development & Services (CITS). This unit has been formed to fill a gap of emerging requirements when Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) pushed their open source software adoption initiative in public agencies. In addition to that, the university is also in a need of a driven-adoption of ICT-based technologies in its environment to improve its efficiency and also to keep it on pace with the industry and other higher learning institutes.


OpSO unit has evolved from a very small unit known as Research & Development and Open Source Software Unit (REDOSS). The idea to form REDOSS unit was originally came from a vision of Pn Laila bin Ahmad who realized that a dedicated unit are required to manage open source initiative in the university and it is also very beneficial for CICTS (now known as CITDS) to have a unit that specialize in assisting other units that need help. In 2011, REDOSS unit was officially formed under Application System Division with the approval of Pn Ratifah Alias who is the Head of CICTS at that time. REDOSS consist of an IT Officer and later on joined by an Assistant IT Officer. 

During a major restructuring exercise in 2012, a new division known as Strategic Management & Innovation Division has been formed to align with a new CICTS direction. It was decided by CICTS top management that the REDOSS unit to be moved under the new division and its scope should be refined. As a result, changes has been made and a new name Open Source Initiative and Advanced Technology Unit (OpSO) has been chosen. In 2016, the unit has been rebranded to Advanced Technology Unit (forgoing the Open Source title) in reflection of the new focus of the unit which to accelerate and drive the adoption of advanced ICT technology in the university environment.


  1. Discover, Identify and pilot-test potential advanced technology
  2. Drive and accelerate the adoption of suitable latest and advanced ICT Technologies in UNIMAS
  3. Develop smart-devices applications (Mobile Application)
  4. Develop the use of Open Source Software (OSS) in UNIMAS
  5. Provides OSS alternative to the proprietary solution


Head of Unit : Khairilzamrie bin Rosle

Phone No : +6082-583859

Email :

Programmer : Ling Sze Ting

Phone No : +6082-583850

Email :

Programmer : Mohd Roffizal bin Romali

Phone No : +6082-583850

Email :

(Now has joined Integrated Research Information System - iRIS)

Programmer : Muhammad Lazarwardi bin Jamaludin

Phone No : +6082-583875

Email :

Programmer : Mohd Roffizal bin Romali

Phone No : +6082-583850

Email :


These are the notable products produced by OpSO:

  1. UNIMAS MyMeeting
    This application is a forked version of OSCC MyMeeting 3.0 open source product. It was customized to UNIMAS requirements and the application operation and maintenance is under responsibility of GOE Unit. Major changes has been made to its UI components where usability and user-friendliness has been emphasized in the new UI. UNIMAS MyMeeting has 3 release, with the latest release has a codename of 'MyMeeting Bainun'.

  2. Ubuntu Linux Campus Mirror
    In effort to speed-up ubuntu-based distribution, a local mirror has been created in the campus. As a result, campus-wide servers and users desktops running ubuntu-based linux distribution can be updated really fast without having to connect to repositories servers over the internet. Furthermore, the mirror also could be used by external users. In this way, UNIMAS is able to serve its need as well as contribute back to the community. This is also in sync with OpSO scope to promote open source adoption. The mirror however has been retired in 2015 in effort to prioritize the limited bandwidth for greater benefits of campus users.

  3. BB1M Voucher System
    This application has been developed in-house from the ground-up using JAVA Technologies. The application is being used to help distribution of BR1M voucher to students. Key user for the system is Student Financial Unit, Bursary Office.

    This application can be accessed here :

  4. UNIMAS Wiki
    UNIMAS Wiki has been introduced to encourage community-driven knowledge sharing among UNIMAS Staff. UNIMAS Wiki is based on open-source wiki software, XWiki. Key user as well as operation and maintenance for this application is CAIS.

    The wiki can be accessed here :

  5. Awannano
    In order to bring dropbox-like functionality to UNIMAS, OpSO has introduce Awannano, an online storage application. Awannano users is able to save their documents and files on the cloud so their files could be accessed whether in-campus or from outside campus. The major difference with dropbox is speed, where awannano is faster to be accesses from in-campus because users is not required to have internet connection to retrieve their files. Because of limited storage availability, the application is initially open to CICTS staff only. This will change in future when there is sufficient storage to cater campus-wide usage.

    Awannano can be accessed here :

  6. UNIMAS Street View
    UNIMAS Street View is a modern online virtual tour application created to enable potential visitors and students to have an experience of visiting UNIMAS campus. UNIMAS Street View is developed based on open source software. This application is a result of collaboration between Center of Information & Communication Technology Services (CICTS), Faculty of Applied & Creative Arts (FACA), Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT) and Faculty of Cognitive Science and Human Development (FCSHD). OpSO plays a major role as a secretariat, mediator and also main developer for this project.

    UNIMAS Street View can be accessed here :

  7. Code Depot
    Code Depot is a project management system developed based on open source software Redmine. The code depot is being used by CICTS to manage projects. More importantly, Code Depot helps in source code management using built-in subversion module. Code depot is integrated with UNIMAS Oracle Internet Directory (OID) as its user authentication.

  8. Code Bucket
    Code Depot is a distributed control versioning system (DVCS)  based on open source software GitLab. The Code Bucket is being used by CICTS to manage source codes

  9. UNIMAS Now
    UNIMAS Now is the first offical mobile application project of Android development in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak(UNIMAS). This application would receive all latest events and announcements in UNIMAS instantly and directly the same way you would receive your messaging/Whatsapp messages.
    UNIMAS Now QR Code can be scan here : earlyedition.png

    UNIMAS Now can be download here :

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