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Publications Unit of UNIMAS focuses on managing and publishing scholarly work as a step to nurture, develop, and disseminate knowledge. It also involves in promoting the publications to the public in road shows, book fairs and other related events.

Besides that, it is responsible in publishing materials for university’s events, such as convocations, concerts, etc. These materials are not limited to books and flyers, but also inclusive of designing of bunting and banners.

Policy and Guidelines

·         UNIMAS Publication Policy

·         Brand Manual

·         Manuscript Publication Manual

The above policies and guidelines are introduced to assist those (staff, students and outsiders) who wish to publish with UNIMAS or on behalf of UNIMAS. Please read through the policy and the Brand Manual (for promotional items which include brochures, leaftlets and bulletins) and the Manuscript Publication Manual for those (staff and those outside of UNIMAS) who wish to publish books with UNIMAS.

Published Books and Journals

Please mail to brabiah@pen.unimas.my (+6082581161) or snorinda@pen.unimas.my (+6082581159) for bookings or inquiries. Direct purchase of books can be made at the counter of the Publication Division, Level 5, Chancellery Building, UNIMAS West Campus, Kota Samarahan at 8.15 am - 12.45 pm and 2.15 pm - 4.15 pm from Monday to Friday, except for Public Holidays.

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