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UNIMAS sports complex is one of the sports facility was fully completed in 2012, located at the west campus where it provides many sorts of sports facilities for the benefit of all students and staff at UNIMAS. All sports facilities can be used for free by all students and staff. Among the facilities available at the sports complex are:

 1 Football 3 Courts
 2 Badminton 8 Courts
 3 Futsal 3 Courts
 4 Rugby 1 Rugby Field
 5 Basketball 2 Courts
 6 Volleyball 4 Courts
 7 Netball 3 Courts
 8 Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowl Green 1 Ring (Carpet)
 9 Sepak Takraw 4 Courts
 10 Tennis 6 Courts
 11 Archery 1 Courts
 12 Squash 4 Courts
 13 Swimming Pool 8 Lanes

stadium-1.png stadium-2.png stadium-6.jpg stadium-8.jpg

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