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Sports & Recreation Unit provides support services for the planning, organizing and managing programs and services related to the development of sports and recreation in UNIMAS.

This unit plays a key role in formulating plans to encourage students and staff in the sports & recreational activities aimed at making sports and recreation as a platform towards making UNIMAS excellence as a university culture of sport & recreation.

With the completion of the new Sports Complex UNIMAS, more facilities and equipment can be used by students and staff of UNIMAS. Activities and sports and recreation programs in UNIMAS will be more comprehensive and integrated approach to planning large-scale sports programs and high impact in the future.


    To provide opportunities for students to display their skills in sports through various sports competitions organised at college and faculty level, encourage participation at inter-varsity sports competitions and games such as MASUM (Majlis Sukan Universiti-Universiti Malaysia), SUKMA (Sukan Malaysia), SUA (Sukan Universiti ASEAN and participates in games or sports competitions outside the University.

    To provide facilities and state-of-the-art sports equipment to produce students with the potentials to attain the highest level of achievement in sports, making UNIMAS one of the most outstanding higher learning institutions in Malaysia.

    To award students or athletes of the University who are actively involved in sports activities as athletes/trainers/managers/committee members based on the set of standards of achievement imposed by the University.



Sport Facilities

All sports facilities can be used for free by all students and staff. Accordance with standard sports facilities and standards recognized by international sports bodies, sports and recreational facilities in UNIMAS are among the best and most modern among the universities in Malaysia. There are :

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