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Strategic Management & Innovation Division

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Strategic Management & Innovation Division (SMID) also known as Bahagian Pengurusan Strategik & Inovasi (BPSI) is the youngest division of Centre for Information Technology Development & Services (CITDS). It was formed in mid year of 2012 with Pn Latifah Loh as the Head of Division. The forming of this division is a clear proof of CITDS's intention to improve its governance and enhance its services quality. This division is responsible to :

  • Ensure control methods and quality assurance are implemented effectively through ICT quality culture
  • Coordinate the implementation of UNIMAS ICT Strategic Planning 
  • To assist in the evaluation of potential technologies to be implemented
  • Develop and maintain applications for administrative used
  • Promote and coordinate innovation initiatives


To ensure smooth operation, the division has 4 units under its wings :

  • Advanced Technology Unit (OpSO)
    This unit is responsible to strengthen open source software adoption and also to identify latest ICT technology that have potential to be adopted and used in CICTS and UNIMAS environment. It is also responsible to assist other units in CICTS in product technical evaluation. 
  • Executive Management Application and Website (ExAWeb)
    The unit is temporarily park at SQC and is responsible to develop, maintain and support executive information systems which is widely used by UNIMAS management to help with their decision-making. The unit also being tasked in UNIMAS Portal and play a pivotal role in improving university all-important Webometric ranking.
  • Administrative Application Unit (AdApp)
    The biggest unit in the division which is responsible to develop, maintain and support administrative  systems which is used to manage UNIMAS's daily operation. 


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