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Student Affairs and Alumni Division (BHEPA) was established in October, 2002, led by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni). It acts as an intermediary between students and the administration. It started in 1993 as the Centre for Student Development. The restructuring of the organisation took place in 2002 in line with the formation of the position of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni). Consequently, the Centre for Student Development became 2 separate bodies namely Student Affairs and Alumni Division and Centre for Student Development.

Student Affairs and Alumni Division is responsible in providing various services and facilities for students such as accommodation, cultural and sports facilities, health services and financial support. It is also responsible in creating conducive environment to facilitate student learning.


  • To provide efficient and high quality services to accommodate students’ needs in support of effective teaching and learning
  • To plan and provide services and infrastructure in creating conducive campus environment
  • To offer guidance and counseling services on the implementation of activities in student clubs and organizations
  • To control and monitor students’ discipline and conduct based on University acts and regulations as approved by the University authority
  • To develop students’ potential, integrity and self-esteem through various activities organized within and outside the University
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