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Teaching and Learning Support (CALM)

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Teaching and Learning Support (TLS) or better known as “Unit Sokongan Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran” (USPP), has been established since January 15, 2002 under the purview of the Undergraduate Studies Management Division (Bahagian Pengurusan Pra-Siswazah).

However, on December 2, 2002, the Teaching and Learning Support Unit (USPP) was moved to the Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia (CALM).


USPP is responsible for providing and managing facilities for teaching and learning (Seminar Rooms and Lecture Halls), managing and providing teaching equipments for lecture rooms, tutorial rooms, and lecture halls. USPP also has limited teaching and learning equipments for use other than the regular academic needs, both on and off campus on an ad hoc basis.

The daily responsibilities of USPP are:-

  1. Manage the scheduling of classes and examinations for the main campus at Kota Samarahan
  2. Processing room bookings for other teaching and learning, as well as special functions such as seminars, workshops, and as well as conference and etc
  3. Processing requests and reservations for teaching and learning equipments, as needed for academic activities
  4. Monitoring the teaching facilities (rooms, the Education Multimedia System (EMS), equipments, fans, air-conditioning systems, etc.) on campus to ensure they are in proper and good working conditions
  5. Assisting the Campus Security Unit in ensuring all facilities and equipments are sufficiently secured at all times, and are also safe to users
  6. Assisting users in preparing EMS systems before teaching sessions and shutting down and locking up the system after lecture or at the end of the day
  7. Reporting all malfunctioned equipments, damages to facilities in tutorial rooms, lecture halls and auditoriums to Asset Management Department for immediate action
  8. Assisting, supporting and participating in other campus activities as needed
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