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Third Language Courses

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Centre for Language Studies offers several third language elective courses for undergraduates, as shown below.

The contact hours for all University Elective (Language) courses are 4 hours per week. Students who have basic proficiency in the respective language are not encouraged to take Level 1, but are welcome to take Level 2 and/or 3 (soon) depending on their proficiency level. Please consult the course coordinator for advice.

Arabic Language

  • PBA 0033 Arabic Language Level 1 [Coordinator: Ustaz Hj. Mohd. Azhar b Ali]
  • PBA 0043 Arabic Language Level 2 [Coordinator: Ustaz Hj. Mohd. Azhar b Ali]

French Language

  • PBP 0033 French Language Level 1 [Coordinator: Mr. Rodolphe Gilles Point]
  • PBP 0043 French Language Level 2 [Coordinator: Mr. Rodolphe Gilles Point]

German Language

  • PBG 0033 German Language Level 1 [Coordinator: Dr. Isabel Knoerrich] (Offering postponed in Semester 2, 2011/12)
  • PBG 0043 German Language Level 2 [Coordinator: Dr. Isabel Knoerrich] (Offering postponed in Semester 2, 2011/12)

Iban Language

  • PBN 0033 Iban Language Level 1 [ Coordinator: Ustaz Roslan Ali]

Japanese Language

  • PBJ 0033 Japanese Language Level 1 [Coordinator: Ms. Najwa Hanani]
  • PBJ 0043 Japanese Language Level 2 [Coordinator: Ms. Najwa Hanani]

Mandarin Language

  • PBC 0033 Mandarin Language Level 1 [Coordinator: Mr. Lam Kai Chee]
  • PBC 0043 Mandarin Language Level 2 [Coordinator: Mr. Lam Kai Chee]

Tamil Language

  • PBT 0033 Tamil Language Level 1 [Coordinator: Ustaz Roslan Ali]

Spanish Language

  • PBS 0033 Spanish Level 1 [Coordinator: Dr. Isabel Knoerrich] (Offering postponed in Semester 2, 2011/12)

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