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UNIMAS Now is the first official mobile application for UNIMAS. UnimasOnTheGo logo This mobile application was developed to deliver and improve the efficiency of information delivery in UNIMAS.
In addition, mobile application development is in line with the current trend of  smart devices adoption and usage which now has become a norm among UNIMAS community.


What is UNIMAS Now?

UNIMAS Now is the first official mobile application for UNIMAS. This application enables users to receive notification of all the upcoming UNIMAS's events and announcement instantly and directly the same way you receive your messaging or Whatsapp messages. 

What does it do?
  1. Notify upcoming event/announcement/vacancies/conferences/tenders.
  2. Offer features for:
    • Adding event to calendar.
    • Sharing event via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, Email or any messaging
    • Searching events/announcement by its title or date.
    • Monitoring travel claim status 
  3. Provide Academic Calendar and Staff Directory
  4. Display Appraisal Result
  5. Display student's registered courses & credit hours and financial transaction
How do I install it?

It's super easy! On your device, open Google Play Store or Apple App Store application and then search for 'UNIMAS Now'. Tap on the result and then tap on 'Install' or 'Get' button.

Viola! You can immediately use it. If you are viewing this page using your smart device, just click on this link :

Download UNIMAS Now for Android    |    Download UNIMAS Now for IOS

What updates would I receive?
  1. Upcoming UNIMAS's events.
  2. Announcement intended to UNIMAS's community or public.
  3. Conferences organised by UNIMAS.
  4. UNIMAS's tenders .
  5. UNIMAS career opportunities.
  6. Travel Claim status (Staff only)
  7. Academic Calendar (Student only)
  8. Appraisal result (Staff only)
  9. Staff directory which contains details of UNIMAS's academic and support staff. The directory should help the local, national and international profile of UNIMAS, and all intellectual work that are produced at the university.
  10. Registered Courses and credit hours (Undergraduate & Course Work Postgraduate Student only)
  11. Summary and transaction history of personal university financial account (Undergraduate & Postgraduate Student)
What are minimum requirements to install UNIMAS Now?
  1. Android smart devices with Android version  4.0+ and screen size 3.5" and above
  2. iPhone and iPad with IOS version 8.1 and above
Who can use UNIMAS Now?

Everybody can use UNIMAS Now. Spesifically :   

  1. UNIMAS Community - View and receive notification for all UNIMAS upcoming events/announcements/travel claim status/appraisal result/staff directory/academic calendar.
  2. Public - View and receive notification on specific category that is of interest to your friends or anyone else such as Vacancies or Tenders.
What are the advantages of using UNIMAS Now?

1 - Simplify your life
Simply put, it will simplify your life. If you are a busy person this application will be of great help. You can receive notification directly and instantly on your device without having to spend your precious time to check university's Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) or even visit UNIMAS website. Once the event is received on your device, you can always refers to it even when your device is offline (without internet connection).

2 - Be efficient, don't miss a thing
You can add events / announcement  in your device calendar application. You can then set alarm and reminder so that you will not miss any important event. This will help you to plan your schedule more efficiently. Furthermore, if you sync your phone calendar with other online calendar such as Google calendar, the event information will be automatically shared across your calendars and devices.

3 - The power of sharing

You can share the information in UNIMAS Now with other apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Telegram and other messaging apps including your trusted email and SMS. This mean that you have the power to share any event that you think of interest with your friends or  anyone else, conveniently.

Can I delete the information in UNIMAS Now? Why?

No. There is a built-in function called auto-delete. The auto-delete will works when the records in UNIMAS Now reached the maximum storage of 100 records. Don't worry, this apps will not cause performance issue to your device.

Can I hide event/announcement that i already read?

Yes, you can in Android version. From menu button, press “Hide Read”. Please note that this setting will not apply to 'Newly Added' and 'Upcoming' category. To show back hidden event/announcement, just tap menu button and press "Show Read".

Can I sync information manually?

Yes, you can. In Android, from menu button, press “Sync data now”. In IOS, just app on sync icon in the app home screen. This process requires internet connection.

What happens when Event / Announcement is cancelled?

Users will get a notification that says the event / announcement have been cancelled.

Can I disable notifications for a specific category? For example Conferences category.

Yes, you can in Android version. From menu button, select “Notification Settings” & untick the category that you dont want to recieve notification. 

Are the information display in UNIMAS portal are same with UNIMAS Now?

Yes, they are exactly the same. In fact, the notification you receive in UNIMAS Now is posted directly from UNIMAS Portal.

Is this mobile application free?

Yes. This mobile application is FREE.

I use iPhone. Can I install this application?

Yes of course. You can get it from App Store.

Why develop in Android first instead of others?

Based on the survey we conducted, the majority of UNIMAS community are using Android smart devices. It is our aim to reach out to as many user possible so that the application can reach broader audience and more people can enjoy the benefit of using it. 

How to give feedback or get support for this application?

You can give us feedback by writing a review in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You also can ask, suggest and report application issue or bugs to us via the application's Facebook page

Common issues with UNIMAS Now

Unable to login

  1. Make sure your phone can access to internet.
  2. Make sure no spacing in username & password.
  3. Make sure your username & password are correct.
  4. Make sure the application is up-to-date. Reinstall the app will help.
  5. Make sure your phone is updated to the latest version.
  6. Reset the Single ID password (remember to login to UNIMAS portal & change password before proceed)

If problem still persists, try login using another smart device. If login successful in another smart device, contact UNIMAS Support.

*It will help us to serve you better if you can provide us your phone type, model & Android / iOS version when you contact UNIMAS Support.

Nothing happen after scan QR Code

Reinstall the app.  If problem still persists, contact UNIMAS Support.

*It will help us to serve you better if you can provide us your phone type, model & Android / iOS version when you contact UNIMAS Support.

Unable to locate QR Code icon

User has been logged in with Guest account. Logout, and login with the correct staff / student account will solve the problem.

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