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UNIMAS portal roles are to :

  1. be a Gateway to deliver information and services offered to students / staff / public;
  2. improve service delivery system through quality of interaction with students / staff / public and;
  3. accelerate workflow and processes by providing systems on line and reduce bureaucracy ; and4. as a benchmark the level of services to students / staff / public

UNIMAS portal was evaluated by Malaysia Government Portals and Websites Assessment (MGPWA) from the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC). The main objective is MGPWA instruments (tools) to measure the quality of service provided by the portal and website to the public. Portal and web site were evaluated against a set of predetermined criteria and are reviewed from year to year. Hence, UNIMAS portal should be constantly updated and must be accessed 24x7 .

Apart from this assessment, the UNIMAS portal also evaluated internationally via Web Ranking of Universities or known as Webometrics Ranking. Monitoring done every early month of January and July. Ranking Web of Universities is a university ranking system based on visibility (50%) and activity (50%) which consists of presence, openness and excellence. Webometrics is a global indicator that shows excellence in education, international impact and visibility of the university.

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