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UNIMAS Street View is a modern online virtual tour application created to enable potential visitors and students to have an experience of visiting UNIMAS campus virtually. It is really practical and useful way to get familiarized with streets and locations in UNIMAS especially for a first time visitor. UNIMAS Street View is developed based on open source software.

What is the motivation behind this project?

The project was motivated by the needs of the university to improve their online visibility which contribute to the university webometrics ranking. The application is mainly targeted to potential visitors and students which enable them to experience driving around the campus virtually thus indirectly allow them to get familiarized about locations in the campus as well as getting information about the locations interactively. It is also an opportunity for the university to showcase their ability on delivering innovative products and earn a bragging right being the 1st higher institution in the nation to provide such service to publics. 

What is the technology behind the service? Is it the same as Google Street View?

No, it is not that similar to Google Street View but it serves the same purpose. Rather than using spots to jump around like in Google Street View, the application use different approach which give users experience of driving around the campus instead. Knowing that most visitor would drive vehicle to visit the campus we think this approach is more appropriate. It also give opportunities for us to embed interactive information feed about the campus. Users will be interactively prompted with information of each important location in campus and they are linked to UNIMAS Wiki if they are interested for more information. This approach also allow us to put on 'fun' factor on it. If you are an avid gamer, it will be really familiar as it resembles playing racing car game.

Stacks of technologies and tools are involved in producing this application. Some of the technology involved are HTML, CSS3 and javascript. The engine for application is developed by Hinnderling Volkart AG. Some of the tools used are open source software like Salado Player.

Who are the people involve?

The project was first initiated by Open Source and Advanced Technology Unit (OPSO) in CICTS. Realizing the potential of the project, Pn. Latifah Loh bin Abdullah, the Head of Strategic Management & Innovation Division pushed the idea to the management which led to a formal proposal to University Technical Committee. Upon approval, a task force then has been formed which involved members from faculties and center namely Center of Information & Communication Technology Services (CICTS), Faculty of Applied & Creative Arts (FACA), Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT) and  Faculty of Cognitive Science & Human Development (FCSHD) to enable experts collaborate on this project. The project was led by Prof Madya Zulkalnain bin Zainal Abidin. The development of application was handled by Mr. Mohd Roffizal bin Romali as lead developer and also Mr Adam ak. Francis and a pool of developers. On a later stage, a few students joined and helped mostly on preparing panoramic photos.

List of application implementor : 

  1. Prof Madya Haji Zulkalnain bin Zainal Abidin (Project Leader)
  2. Mr. Mohd Roffizal bin Romali (Lead Developer)
  3. Mr. Adam ak. Francis (Developer)
  4. Mr. Affendi (Video & Graphic)
  5. Mr. Muhammad Lazawardy (Developer)
  6. Students from FACA [Further info needed]
  7. Students from FCSIT [Further info needed]

External Links

  1. Salado Player
  2. Google Street View

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