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Ping! by IRIS is a multiplex messaging service developed to serve real-time messaging and rpc for used by IRIS. 

Usage in IRIS

  • Public alert (since April 2016)
  • Administrative communication (since Oct 2016)
  • User notification (since Nov 2016)
  • Real-time status update (since Dec 2016)

Ping! offers full duplex communication within single TCP connection. In the absent of the websocket protocol support, it will gracefully fallback to xhr-stream or AJAX polling. Communication data is persisted in Ping! designated database which allows opt-in subscription even after the message has been posted.

Since version 0.9, Ping! also featured read/unread status for each message to personal channel (via 'accepted' field)

Since version 1.0, Ping! also featured read/unread status for message to group channel

Since version 1.1, Ping! also include feature to auto-remove message after a certain period of time or after accepted/read.

In addition to the STOMP messaging format, Ping! has a pre-defined message anatomy as follows:

STOMP message body:

item {}
- sender
- channel {id}
- content
- action
- timestamp
accepted ?
receipt {}
- user- timestamp

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