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REKA - App Builder

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Original Author(s)Mohd Razif Baital 
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REKA is an open-source web-based application builder software to develop online application and business process management applications. It is also a rapid application development platform that allow development on the cloud. It has the capability to create small and medium size application with common components such as form, dataset/list and dashboard with dynamic process flow which can be done directly in internet browser from any device.


REKA (Instant App) was developed on April 2018 as an online application development platform. It was initially named Instant App before renamed to REKA on July 2019. The prototype was developed using AngularJS before it was fully rewritten in the newer version of Angular.


REKA is comprised of four main components namely reka-io, reka-designer, reka-run and reka-repo.


reka-io is the backend of the platform. It handles the application metadata, data operation and business process execution. It is implemented as a RESTful services using Java Spring Framework.


reka-designer is the front-end and the UI for the application creator. It consist of the following modules;

  • Form builder - UI/Form editor with drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Process editor
  • Dataset designer
  • Dashboard editor - Statistical chart creator for data of the created app. It offers 6 common charts
  • Custom Screen editor - Editor to create custom page other than the default form, view, list and dashboard page. It supports data-bindings with HTML markup.
  • Navigation editor - Page to customize and reorganize application navigations. Prior to v1.0.0 the navigation is arranged automatically.

It is accessible online using web browser.


reka-run is an optimized front-end to execute application metadata in a production-ready mode. It was implemented as a PWA (Progressive Web App) and installable of mobile devices via the web browser.


reka-repo is a marketplace for reka applications. The creator have access to this marketplace to list (or sell) their application.

Rapid application development process

Application Design

REKA allows fast and easy prototyping process with drag and drop form builder. All of the development process is done online via a web browser. 

REKA also allows the application to be cloned as separate instance.

Application Deployment

REKA doesn't require server configuration process for application deployment. Application will be made available at the defined path. In v1.2.*, REKA support custom domain name via domain forward.


REKA Creator UIhttps://wiki.unimas.my/unimaswiki/bin/download/HOW-TO%2C+Tutorial+%26+User+Manual/REKA+-+App+Builder/reka.unimas.my_.png?width=560

REKA CREATOR UI - Custom Screen
REKA Aplication Runner


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