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InMinds Glossary

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Analyzer is a module that is used to provide a pivot table.


Editor is responsible to complete and update the Logical Framework (LF) and inform the Head of Department when LF is completed or updated.
Event allows reference made to other information associated with the data displayed in the drop-down menu options.


Head of Department is responsible for checking and sending LF to the Top Management for approval, and is fully responsible for the achievement of the department's LF target.


Initiate is an action button to open the Workflow.
InMinds is stands for Intelligent Mining and  Decision Support System; which is a system that analyze information from various existing systems in UNIMAS.


KPI Target  is the target set by Top Management. F/I/C/D is allowed to view these targets but has no access to change them. The target values affect the computation of KPI formula.


Logical Framework (LF) is a form to list down activities planned for the year that contribute to the Strategic Objectives and it is filled by representatives selected by F/I/C/D. Basic information such as the Strategic Action, Action Plan, Major Outcome and Project Code of Research Grant Provision (if applicable) need to be filled in. If it is relates to MYRA, CAPS or PIN, then the user will have to check on the Stakeholder Indicator check box, as well as Stakeholder Section and Performance Indicator (PI) from the drop down menu. If the status of activity is not updated after the due date, the systems still allow a grace period of one week for the user to update the activity.

LF Activity Status Color represents the following indicators:

  1. Green represents "Achieved" - Activities carried out within targeted time.
  2. Yellow represents "In process" - Activities have exceeded the target but still not more than three months after the final date of the activity.
  3. Red represents "Not achieved" - It means any one of the following conditions are met:
  • The activities conducted after 3 months from the due date of the activity;
  • Activities are not carried out; or
  • The achievements are not updated after 3 months from the due date of the activity.
LF Activity is activity planned for the year to support the chosen Strategy Map where each activity should not exceed duration of three (3) months.
LF Approve button is used to approve the LF sent by the Head of Department (only accessible by the Top Management).
LF Load button is used to open an existing LF.
LF No of Staff Commitment shows the staff responsible for carrying out the activities listed. List of staff information for the department is limited to staff of the respective F/I/C/D only.
LF Notification will be sent to the Person In Charge via email  when LF activities will expire.
LF Revised button is used to review the LF submitted by the Head of Department (only accessible by the Top Management).
LF Save button is for saving the completed or updated Logical Framework.
LF Submit button is used to send a completed LF for approval (only accessible by the Head of F/C/I/D).

LF Status

  1. Pending  indicates that the LF has not yet being submitted to the Top Management and therefore updating may still occur at the F/C/I/D level.
  2. Submitted indicates that the LF has been submitted to the Top Management for approval.
  3. Approved  indicates that the LF has been agreed and approved by the Top Management.
  4. Revised indicates that LF is rejected and need further revised by the F/C/I/D.
LF Total Weightage The percentage of the total weightage activity must reach 100%.


Pivot Table is a table that contains the data that resemble spreadsheets.
Pivot Information displays information related to the pivot table such as the pivot name and the filtering method used.


Show Measure List contains of dimension display in the subject area that is used for the breakdown of data displayed.
Strategic Objective There are nine (9) Strategic Objectives under UNIMAS Strategic Plan.

1. UNIMAS Financial (UF)

  • UF1 Optimization of student related expenditure 
  • UF2 Generate Income

2. UNIMAS Customer (UC)

  • UC1 High graduate employability
  • UC2 Achieve reputable recognition

3. UNIMAS Internal Process (UP)

  • UP1 Teaching and learning based on outcome based
  • UP2 Leveraging with industries
  • UP3 Research excellent in niche area

4. UNIMAS Learning & Growth (UL)

  • UL1 Developing Competent Staff
  • UL2 Extensive ICT Setting
Switch to Chart allows conversion from pivot table views to display the chart.

Subject is a schema list pertaining to particular Subject. Different Role may have access to different Subject.

List of Subjects are as follow:

  1. ACTIVITY (UNDERGRADUATE) - Undergraduate involvement in the college and sport activities. 

  2. ALUMNI - Alumni information for both undergraduates and graduates which includes historical information of their intake year, faculty and programme, as well as information of their existing occupation, organization and university  (and year graduated) if they pursue their studies. However to access to the employability information, users are advised  to refer to UNIMAS Student Development Centre for Traces Study Data.
  3. ASSESSMENT MARK-COURSE (UNDERGRADUATE) - Keeps undergraduate's assessment marks such as quizzes, group assignments, course works, mid term and final year exams  for the courses that are offered by the faculty. The faculty is given access to monitor the progress of students that took the faculty courses even though the students are of other faculties.
  4. ASSESSMENT MARK-STUDENT (UNDERGRADUATE) - Similar to Glossary 3, but the faculty is also given access to monitor how well their students are doing for courses that they took from other faculties.
  5. ***COURSE - Includes information on courses registered by undergraduates such as course type (core, generic, remedial or elective),  students' GPA and CGPA result, credit hours, course standard ( GR, GR1 to 4, KB1 to 2,P, PAL, PR1 to 3, TR1 to 2 etc), grade result (PASSED or FAILED), grade, grade value etc.
  6. COURSE INFORMATION - General information about the courses offered by or to faculties and for undergraduate, the data includes details of  their quota, grade and mark type, total credit and semester.
  7. COURSE REGISTERED - List of courses details that were registered by the student.
  8. CREDIT TRANSFER - Number of credits transferred from other institutions that were approved by the faculty.
  9. ENROLMENT - Total number of active undergraduate or graduate for the chosen year.
  10. ENROLMENT BASED ON MYRA CRITERIA (GRADUATE) - Total number of active graduate for the chosen year based on MyRA glossary.
  11. FINANCIAL LEDGER & EXPENDITURES - Information of an account allocation and expenditure. Users are advised to use the built-in statistical as it has been customised according to the users requirement.
  12. RESULT - Students' semester GPA and CGPA results.
  13. STAFF - Staff Information which include employment category (daily paid, permanent), employment status (active, terminated, retired, leave with absent, leave with pay etc), staff qualification etc.
  14. STAFF APPRAISALS - Information for staff annual appraisal. Note: Access to staff appraisal mark is currently not allowed.
  15. STAFF LEAVE RECORDS - Information about staff annual leave, sick leave and its duration.
  16. STAFF TRAINING - Training information for both academician and admin staff. This information is especially useful to monitor the KPI that measure  the fulfillment of 7 day training per staff annually.
  17. STUDENT - Pre-U, Undergraduate or Graduate information which may include information about their faculty, program, intake year, graduate year, student status (active, inactive, graduated, failed etc),  nationality, place of origin etc.
  18. SUPERVISOR (GRADUATE) - Supervisor for MSc by Coursework which include information such as Co-Supervisor 1, 2 and 3, thesis title, supervision status, faculty, program etc.


Viewer is role granted for an ID shared by the staff members of the respective F/I/C/D. It is the responsibility of the staff members to check and monitor LF activities so that it actually portray the actual activities carried out by the F/I/C/D .  However user with viewer privilege do not have any access to fill up or update LF data.
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