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[iRIS7 Manual] Change Product Type in Intellectual Property

Last modified by Muhammad Lazarwardi Bin Jamaludin on 2015/08/06 12:59

This user manual is intended for the Researcher in iRIS7

  1. Login into iRIS7
  2. Navigate to Intellectual Property > My Intellectual Property in the Navigation Panel
  3. Users will see Published Intellectual Property on Submitted Intellectual Property tab


      4. Then, go to Action > Edit


      5. Lastly, go to Product Type & change with appropriate product type and click Save


Here are the list of Product Type that users can refer :

 Computer Accessories Machine
 Aquaculture Model
 Stationary Module
 Algorithm Music
 Automotive Clothing
 Chemicals Development
 Raw Material Education
 Building Materials Equipment
 Electrical Goods Construction Equipment
 Biotechnology Devices
 Form Electronic devices
 Book Security Devices
 Flow Chart Medical Devices
 Directory Dentition
 Electric Shield
 Electronic Software
 Fire Starter Hardware
 Formulations Services
 Rubber Agriculture
 Herbs Maps
 ICT Palm Oil Products
 Halal Industry Crafts
 Green Industry Food Products
 Palm Oil Industry Green Technology Products
 Paper Industry Product For The Disabled
 Food Industry Process
 Oil and Gas Industry Insecticide
 Instrumentation Water Treatment
 Inventory Design
 Power Inventions
 Frameworks Robotics
 Experimental Paper Laboratory Sensorship
 Kit for Teaching and Learning System
 Testing Kit Sourcecode
 Commercial Supplement
 Concept Technology
 Cosmetic Wood Technology
 Online Courses Nano technology
 Report Telecommunications
 Lotion Power
 Painting Medicine
 Food Vaccine
 Animal Feed Others
Created by Muhammad Lazarwardi Bin Jamaludin on 2015/08/06 12:05

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