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Adding a new ID file to Lotus Notes

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Adding a new ID file to Lotus Notes

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Lotus Notes

You must modify the existing Lotus Notes application to access your mail file, rather than the previous owner's mail file.

1.    The first step is to save/copy your Notes ID File to the Program Files>IBM > Notes > Data folder on the computer's hard drive (the "C:" drive).

a)    If you are a new Notes user, you will need to request a new Lotus Notes Account and obtain your ID file (See related KB Articles below).

b)    If you already have a Notes account you must have a copy of your Notes ID file with you.

2. Click the icon on the desktop to open Lotus Notes. When the login screen appears click the Exit button.

3.Select Switch to a different user ID . Click OK .

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4.In the Look in: field navigate to C:/Lotus/Notes/Data . Click your Notes ID file ( yourname.id) and click Open .

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5. Enter your Notes password and click Log In .

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6.Click File > Locations > Manage Locations

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7.    Online > Edit > OK

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8. Enter your Notes e-mail address in the Internet mail address field.

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9.Click the Servers tab. Set DominoMail/UNIMAS as your user's Home/mail server  & Domino directory server 

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10. Click the Mail tab. Replace the previous owner's Mail file name with your mail file name.This consists of your mail folder/your notes username.nsf. If you do not know what your mail folder is you can find this information in the UNIMAS Address Book .

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11. Click the Advanced tab. Click the "flashlight" button below User ID to switch to . Locate your ID file in Lotus folder.

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12. Click OK and Close .



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