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Financial and Accounting System (MyFAS)

Last modified by Latifah Loh Bte Abdullah @ Loh Latipah on 2017/01/19 16:30

MyFAS is a comprehensive set of financial accounting application that enable UNIMAS to efficiently manage procurement activities, customer and vendor interactions, ledgers, account receivable and expenditure budgeting, student finance and asset.

Following are some of the main modules in MyFAS :-

  • General Setup
  • Purchasing 
  • Account Receivable including Student Financial -  Charges and Payment for Semester Fees, Disciplinary, Sponsor & Residential College
  • Account Payable 
  • General Ledger 
  • Budgeting
  • Asset and Inventory Management 
  • Store Management
  • Payroll Interface through Human Capital Management (HCM) System
  • Cash Management
  • Loan Management
  • ePayment
  • Online Services (Advance, Claim)
  • Good and Service Tax (GST)

What's New?

  •  Access your travel claims, loan application, salary information, income tax returns through your own Financial Portal
  • Online payments made easy
  • Monitor your financial transactions online
  • Vendors will be able to monitor their various financial transactions through their own online portal.
  • Towards SAGA Compliance

How to access MyFAS?

1.      For UNIMAS Staff:

        To access your Financial Portal for your travel claim, loan application, payslip & EC Form

         (Use SingleID)

     navigate : UNIMAS Portal(theuniversity.unimas.my) -> Personal Matters -> Financial

         Note: For your  2016 and pervious years payslips & EC Forms, please continue to access them from eHCM


2.     For Students, Staff and Community

        To access Online Payment for student fees and fines, seminar fees, conferences fees and to purchase UNIMAS products,

        go to http://www.unimas.my/epayment

3        PTJ users (accountants / PTPO/Administrative P&P only)

         For 1st time user, please install  java

        1. Use Mozilla web browser

        2. Go to http:\\ java.com , click download ->agree & free download

        3. Install java

      navigate : UNIMAS Portal(theuniversity.unimas.my)  ->Financial Management -> MyFAS -> PTj Users

Further inquiries, please contact

1. Procurement Unit- 1074/1071/1072

2. Payment Unit - 1054/1909/1052

3. Revenue & Claim Unit - 1184/1196/1169

4. Account Unit -1195/1192/1194

5. Budget Unit -2365/1170/

6. Asset Management Unit -1888/1070

7. Student Financial Unit : 1879/1873/1872

8. Payroll Unit : 1923/1186/1183


Technical assistant is available at:  http://www.cicts.unimas.my/service-desk  ext : 1081 (Technical Operation Room at  Treasurer Office)

Created by Latifah Loh Bte Abdullah @ Loh Latipah on 2017/01/11 17:41

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