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HOW-TO : Setup UNIMAS Email Account on your iPhone

Last modified by Irwandy Bin Zeman on 2015/10/09 11:15
  1. Open Safari browser:
    • Go to: https://traveler.unimas.my
    • Login with your UNIMAS webmail/iNotes username & password.
  2. After successfully logged-in:
    • Tap 'Configure your Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch'.
    • Tap 'Generate'.
  3. Your iPhone/iPad will prompt you to install a profile.
    • Tap 'Install'.
    • Tap 'Install Now'.
    • Tap 'Done'.
    • *Please enter your iPhone/iPad security code whenever prompted.

Your UNIMAS email will appear on the iPhone email apps once the synchronization process was completed. The synchronization speed is depending on your Internet speed.

Created by Irwandy Bin Zeman on 2015/10/09 11:14

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