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How to fix the Lotus Notes unread documents feature

Last modified by Suni on 2015/05/29 11:28

How to fix the Lotus Notes unread documents feature

Problem Examples:

Problem 1 : Although there is no new email/no unread email, the number in the bracket next to the "Inbox" tab is still bold with number "29".

Problem 2 :My emails are showing next to the inbox in brackets Inbox (1) but do not appear in the inbox.


By default, Lotus Notes shows which documents you have or have not read in a view or folder (a feature called "unread marks"). Documents that are new or documents that you have not read display as bold text. In addition, each folder displays a number next to its name which identifies how many unread messages are stored in it.

This can sometimes result in inconsistent unread tables across replicas of a database in the event of an abnormal database closure (e.g. when the server or client crashes). If the unread table cannot be saved to the file appropriately, it may result in the desktop information being out of sync with the unread table.

Occasionally, the number of unread documents is reported incorrectly as a result of event of an abnormal mailbox closure (e.g. when the server or Lotus Notes crashes). The easiest way to correct this issue is to reset unread marks count ("Mark All Read"). This action will mark all messages as read in the entire mailbox (including all views, folders and sub-folders), and restart the unread messages count.

Follow these steps to resolve this problem:

1. Open your mailbox in Lotus Notes,
2. From the "Edit" menu select "Unread Marks > Mark All Read"

Mark All Read.jpg

3. Force Notes to rebuild your mailbox view/folder indices by pressing "Shift" and "F9" keys on your keyboard at the same time, and then "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "F9" while inside your mailbox.

4. Exit Lotus Notes. 

Created by Suni on 2015/05/29 11:22

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