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How to ipad Android EduRoam

Last modified by Muhammad Faisal bin Adenan on 2018/06/07 09:28

EduRoam Manual



·Select in the 'Apple-menu' the option 'System preferences'.

·Select in the section 'Internet and wireless', 'Network'.

·Be sure that the 'Wi-Fi' adapter is selected.

·Click 'No Network selected'. The available networks are displayed.

·Click 'Eduroam'.

·Enter your login name @unimas.my and your UNIMAS password (DO NOT FORGET "@unimas.my").

·Select 'Remember this network'.

·Click 'Connect'.

The first time you connect, the question arises whether you trust the certificate offered by the network. This is a normal security question.

·Choose 'Show certificate'.

·Click 'Continue'. It is possible that Mac OS login credentials are asked to accept the certificate / modify profile settings. Then enter the name and password of an administrator on your computer.

·You are connected with Eduroam.



Android smartphone

·From the 'Android Home' screen, click 'Menu' and 'Settings'.

·Click 'Wireless' (Wifi), click 'WiFi settings'.

·If necessary, switch on the WiFi.

·Select the following settings:

o   EAP method: PEAP

o   Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2.

o   CA certificate: unspecified.

o   User certificate: unspecified.

·Scroll down for the login credentials: oIdentity: Enter your login name@unimas.my

o   Anonymous Identity: this field can be left blank.

o   Wireless Password: your single id password

·Click 'Done'.


·After about 15sec you are connected with Eduroam


Created by Muhammad Lazarwardi Bin Jamaludin on 2017/09/05 12:10

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