Research Report Submission

Last modified by Mohd Razif Bin Baital @ Latif Razif on 2015/11/27 08:18

This user manual is intended for the Researcher in iRIS7

  1. Login into iRIS7
  2. Navigate to Research > My Research in the Navigation Panel
  3. Click on the Research that you want to submit your report for
  4. Navigate to Monitoring > Research Report and Click on the Add Report button on the top right of Research Report List panel
  5. Select Report Type (Progress Report of Final Report) and fill in the required information in Report Overview tab
  6. Pick or Add relevant information in Research Outcome tab
  7. *FOR FINAL REPORT* Add relevant activity in Activities tab
  8. You can click 'Save' to save the report in the Draft for further editing to completion or click 'Submit' to submit the report.
  9. The status of your submission will be displayed in 'My Research Report' page (Research > My Research Report in Navigation Drawer)


  1. Please add your publications into IRIS for it to appear in Research Outcome tab. You can save your report draft first and add your publications for it to appear the next time you work on your report
  2. The process is subjected to any changes of RIMC's internal policy
Created by Mohd Razif Bin Baital @ Latif Razif on 2015/11/27 08:08

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