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SPeeD MyMoheS module is a system to cater the needs for UNIMAS data quality checking and to handle the process of MyMoheS data submission to the Ministry's Office. The system itself is an online real-time generated report from all major databases in UNIMAS. This product has been registered for copyright with this registration reference number : LY2019005968.

Language & Technology Used

This system uses PHP language & MariaDB as its main backbone. The UI is designed using Semantic-UI.

Features & Functions

  1. Automated data quality checking for all fields required.
  2. Real-time data from live data-source within UNIMAS.
  3. Multi-users collaboration within the system that allows administrators to work independently at the same time.
  4. One-click dynamic SQL loading & updating.
  5. Quick & easy data verification process, as the errors are notified & highlighted within the tables, and correction will be done through updating in source system.
  6. Easy progress monitoring for each clusters from MyMoheS Dashboard.
  7. Multiple users & groups access control.


Q : Is this system accessible from outside UNIMAS?

A : Yes, with UNIMAS Single ID.

Q : Can this system be customized apart from covering MyMoheS requirements?

A : Yes, possible. Because the main idea of this system is to check for data quality based on your data checking requirements for each data fields.

Q : What is the storage size needed for this system, as it involves big data?

A : Depends on how you would use it. If the system is being used for data checking only, the deployment of the system won't need more than 2GB database because it only pulls the data-source from your concurrent system. If you would like to save all the verified data for submission or future reporting, then you would need large database depending on how big is your source data.

Q : If we purchase the system, will we get the source code?

A : Yes, but any modification or reselling of the original codes must be notified to us first and you are allowed to share the modified codes ONLY.

Q : Who should we contact, in case we would like to purchase the system?

A : Please contact :


      Strategic Planning, Quality & Risk Management Center (SQRC),

      Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS).

      email : sqrc2019@unimas.my

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