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186 186 With that said, we do want to suggest two Linux distributions that will not hold your hand too much, and that don't hide the underpinnings of the OS behind a fancy UI. This will help you in the long run by forcing you to actually learn the OS. You'll probably have to do some Googling to make things work, whereas installing Ubuntu and spinning up Firefox would take an easy 20 minutes. Don't get us wrong here: Ubuntu is great. If you just want a quick-and-easy distro that will help get you up and running quickly, Ubuntu is awesome. Not to mention that Steam has been officially announced for Ubuntu. If that's what you had in mind, stop reading now and head on over to, download an ISO and get started. If you want more of a challenge, though (or maybe more leet hax0r cred), read on....
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190 -[[label>>HOW-TO, Tutorial & User Manual.Tutorial : Linux 101#HWhatisLinux?]]

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