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HOW-TO : Post New Activity in UNIMAS Centralised Activity Posting

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UNIMAS Centralised Activity Posting


1.       Encourage user to actively take part in contributing to university’s event announcement through UNIMAS Official Portal (www.unimas.my)

2.       Speed up event posting process without a moderator.

3.       PP, as a publisher is responsible to the content posted.

4.       To increase UNIMAS webometrics ranking

User Manual:

  1. Go to http://www.unimas.my



1.       Click on EVENTS.

2.       6 new categories had been created as the UNIMAS events grouping – Announcements, Events, Conferences, Tender/Quotation and Vacancies

3.       Click on the Log in link on the top right.  Sign in using email id and the password provided.

5.       To add an event, click on “Add an event” colored with red background.


7.      Insert a subject for the event, select a category and paste the event content into the editor. To ensure all posting are standardize, please make sure the  content format meets the following requirement:

  • Remove content format by copy paste the content to a notepad and recopy the content from notepad to paste in the editor
  • Do not set font type and size.  Leave them in its default setting.  Use only bold / italic or any of the content style given.


  • English should be the default language for all university events.  If BM is the chosen language, please add in this line on the top right of your content.

       Pengumuman ini hanya dalam Bahasa Melayu sahaja

8.       Specify the event date and time (if necessary).  Check on the All day Event option if no time is required.

9.       Click Publish to publish the event.

Adding an image into the content:

1.       Click on the Insert/Edit Image icon on the editor.


2.       The Image Manager will pop out as below:


3.       Upload images into event_posting folder.  Select the images folder.  Click the Upload icon to show the Upload dialog.


4.       Browse the image on your local and click Upload to begin upload.

5.       Select the uploaded image and click on the Insert button to insert image into content. 

To add a Link as URL / Attachment

1.       Click on the Insert/Edit Link icon on the editor..


2.       To add a URL link, fill in column URL, Text and Title. Select Open in new window from attributes Target. (Refer to the example below)


3.       To insert an attachment, click on the Browse icon to upload the file.  Follow step 3 from “Adding an image into the content”, but this time selects the folder pdf.
(Make sure the these columns are filled: URL, Text, Title and Target)

         * Only pdf format is accepted.


4.       Finally click on the Insert button to insert the link to content.  You will be able to see your text being underlined.

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